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"With an eclectic mix of material that spans 50's swing through Chicago and Delta Blues to their take on more up to date material as well as the odd r'n'b and acoustic roots number thrown in, Clean Sneak keep things varied and interesting". Based on the Hertfordshire -Essex border, Clean Sneak are well known for their appearances on the Blues and Jazz scene locally and further afield.

Clean Sneak are:

Terry Boon ​

Bass, Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals

Equipment: Rob Allen Bass and Barefaced Amps - Patrick James Eggle Acoustic

Keith Harriss

​Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals

Equipment: Guild, Heritage  guitars and Carr Amps

Sean McGran

Drums and Vocals

Equipment: Sonor drums, Istanbul Mehmet cymbals

Clean Sneak

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